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Quanto ERP: Raise Your Business with Latest Technology

Times are changing and changes are inevitable, regardless of whether the methods of business communication change or the role of technology ...

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Amazon announces 20,000 jobs in India: Here is how you can apply

E-commerce platform Amazon on Sunday announced close to 20,000 seasonal jobs in its customer service department in India....

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Demand Forecasting in the Apparel Industry: 4 Challenges & Solutions

In the apparel business, there’s no such thing as a crystal ball. But demand forecasting gives you the next best thing. Making educa...

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6 Apparel Inventory Management Tips & Strategies

Fashion retailers, inventory and warehouse managers, and apparel business owners have a problem. They have competitors whose business ope...

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ERP Implementation - Doing It Right

Everyone in the modern business world understands the importance of ERP. But while everyone tends to focus on the importance of finding the ...

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Why Your Business Needs ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) as a Core Platform

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software solutions are similar across the board: they have the equal rich peculiarities, but lack of secu...

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Quanto is a solution of storesoft team & collaborative brain-child of retail industry experts, retail giants, employees & key stakeholders who has shared 30 years of retail specific experience & wisdom for designing the feature rich software.

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